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Warning! Judgement is coming!
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Title: Warning! Judgement is coming!
Sender: tudomanyos | Category: Strange people, Signs, posters Tags: warning sign christian judgement religion
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Carebear4 | 2014-08-28 16:15:01 | reply
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Are you sure you're a Christian? Because you sound just like a gaytheist: demonizing Christians and playing the victim. Sounds to me like YOU'RE the hypocrite here. You people are all crazy and evil.

Reply to: DeadSomething (1)
guest_txvoltaire | 2013-01-11 08:48:08 | reply
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Don't you get it? No matter how Christian wimps try to sugarcoat it, that is the Christian message!
DeadSomething | 2012-09-17 16:46:31 | reply
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i'm a christian myself, but that judging kind of christians are just ridiculous. they're plain said hypocrites.

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