- Are any of the photos on your site available for licensing? Can I use them for my advertisement/calendar/greeting cards/site/etc?

FunPic is not a stock photo agency and we don't have the rights to sell these images, since those were sent by the visitors and they didn't give the right to sell them, just to put it on FunPic. However you can try to contact them if they allowed this feature of the site, just click on their names and use "Send message" link.

- Do you have the pictures in larger format?

No, and as we mentioned above, FunPic is not a stock photo site.

- Can I download all the pictures and videos somehow (eg. ftp)?


- Would you send pictures every day to my e-mail address?

No, we don't send pictures. You can subscribe to FunList, which is a mailing list and you will receive funny things.